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About Us

MiniHero is a social enterprise established in May 2019 that connects charity homes and the public by using technology.

We are an E-charity platform in Malaysia that aims to create a transparent and healthy charitable community through technology.

We also help to provide CSR project/team-building charity services demanded by Public Listed Corporate companies and SMEs. 

What Is Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise is a business entity that is registered under any written law in Malaysia that proactively creates a positive social or environmental impact in a way that is financially sustainable.

Is Social Enterprise an NGO?

A social enterprise is an entity that achieves a social mission using a business model.

Social Enterprise combines the element of NGOs and for-profit companies.

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MaGiC Define

Social Mission - Have a clear mission which helps tackles social/environmental issues and concerns of the nation

Business Model - Generates income and profit by selling products or services demanded by the market

Target Beneficiary - To improve and help a specific target group i.e environment, B40 community, the disabled community, refugees, etc.

Mini Hero

Social Mission - Aim to help the underprivileged with a sustainable project (urban farm) to solve the long term issue (endless donation needed to survive)

Business Model - Generate income by providing CSR project services demanded by Corporate companies and SMEs.

Target Beneficiary - Old Folks Home, Children Home, and Disabled Home. (plan to expand to help Animal welfare & other communities in future)


What is SeduniaSedunia is a platform that helps you to create, coordinate, and track impact in the communities around you. 

In partnership with Penjana by Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia and MaGiC

Mini Hero (as known as MNHERO Sdn. Bhd.) is verified & listed on the Sedunia platform for Urban Farm Project.

>> view mini hero campaign in Sedunia

>> view mini hero campaign in Sedunia


Urban Farm - Mini Hero partnership with Farm To Fork to build sustainable urban farms for charity homes.


News - Demonstrate how the Malaysia Government launched an RM10mil matching grant to help social enterprises.

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