The Problem

With the rising number of confirmed Covid-19 cases, this phenomena caused some hospitals starting to face shortage of  medical supplies such as PPE (personal protection equipment) due to medical personnel are required to change it frequently to prevent virus contamination. While thousands of our frontline heroes worked restlessly to protect all Malaysians. Can we actually help while duduk diam-diam dalam rumah?


How Can You Help?

In order to solve this problem, MiniHero started an initiative campaign "Support Frontline Heroes" on March 24, calling public to make a modest effort to donate medical supplies to the frontline medical personnel, so they are able to continue fight with Covid-19.


From Media

1. News Reported By The Interview 访问新闻 (Mandarin) :

2. Chinapress 30 Mar, 2020


MiniHero also contacted several hospitals in Klang Valley to confirm the medical supplies need list before campaign official launched. 

**Hospital Kuala Lumpur

**Hospital Sungai Buloh

**Hospital Selayang

Hospital Kuala Lumpur        Direct Donation >>Here


3rd Batch Supplies (PPE) - 20 April 2020


Hospital Sungai Buloh        Direct Donation >>Here

1st Batch Supplies (PPE) - 26 Mar 2020

2nd Batch Supplies (Foods) - 27 Mar 2020

Hospital Selayang        Direct Donation >>Here

***Supplied Items will accumulate before deliver to Hospital to reduce the transportation cost & delivery personnel risk of expose to covid19 infection.
***We will request the Hospital Person In Charge sign & chop on a letter to acknowledge delivered items.

All shipping fees for this campaign will be borne by our logistic partners & Mini Hero.