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Kebajikan Amal Da Ai

Kebajikan Amal Da Ai
Kebajikan Amal Da Ai
Kebajikan Amal Da Ai
Kebajikan Amal Da Ai
Kebajikan Amal Da Ai
Kebajikan Amal Da Ai
Kebajikan Amal Da Ai
Kebajikan Amal Da Ai
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  • Home Full Name: Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai Malaysia
  • Person In Charged: Mr. Tee
  • Established: June 2017
  • Address:16, Jalan Othman 2/40, 46000 PJ, Selangor
  • Total Residence: 27 People

Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da-Ai was established in June 2017. 

Located at the Petaling Jaya district, it is a non-profit organization that has been officially registered and operates

independently within the state.

Throughout the journey, we believed in ‘no one left behind’ when it comes to caring for these angels.

Making what these children are less of to be more like a blessing of their innocent hearts.

Because of love, we have grown attached for these children, and we simply just cannot say ‘no’ and give them up. So we focus our attention and care for these children with different needs. From physical therapy, life skills training, specialized education & medical care, along with other basic amenities.

Although Da-Ai only operated for around half a year, we have already cared for a small number of children suffering from mild to severe intellectual disability, bedridden, autistic, spastic paralysis, dementia, down syndrome, slow learning, blind and other children who have difficulty of self-care.

With some unable to communicate, learn or work normally as a grown-up should, they are still a person with a living beating heart. Those ‘could not’ for a child like that can be transformed into ‘infinite possibilities’.

Every child of disability definitely is not a burden unless we allow it to be so, and we have the loving force to change that world view.

Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai Malaysia in Petaling Jaya charges nothing for the care of these children in the long term. With 18 children and an increasing number of people at the center, the operating expenses are one of the main concerns for us. In hoping with your strength as a community and the love we provide to shelter these children, to create the story of a good society that everyone can know about.

To bless through giving and in return to be blessed with the happiness of good deeds.

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