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Pertubuhan Kebajikan YM

Pertubuhan Kebajikan YM
Pertubuhan Kebajikan YM
Pertubuhan Kebajikan YM
Pertubuhan Kebajikan YM
Pertubuhan Kebajikan YM
Pertubuhan Kebajikan YM
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  • Home Full Name: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai
  • Person In Charged : M.Rajan
  • Established: 2004
  • Address : No 24, Jalan 6,Taman Maju 2,Selangor, 43000 Kajang
  • Total Residence : 90 People

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai Selangor was founded by a husband and wife in 2004 with just seven children.
Currently, the shelter has 50 boys and girls aged between four and 18.
The association’s chairman and founder M. Rajan said the children are mostly from poor, broken homes.
Four of the boys are special kids, two are slow learners while another two are physically disabled.
In many cases, the children are from families that had no interest in caring for them, said Rajan.
“Some of their parents are divorced or one parent may have passed away. Their fathers may also be serving time in prison.
“When parents divorce and remarry, children from the previous marriage are sometimes neglected and left at shelters.
“There are also those who can’t afford to raise their children so they leave them here.
“Some of the children are also victims of abuse,” said Rajan who was a former journalist with a Tamil daily. He said two boys in the shelter do not have birth certificates and could not attend school.
Rajan said while many assume shelter homes are well-funded by the private sector, a lot of time and effort has to go into sourcing for help in the form of sponsorship or monetary aid.
“We receive some funds for the children from the welfare department for their food but other expenses are borne by us.
“We are constantly looking for donors and a lot depends on the economic situation,” he said.

Let us do it for you :
automated system can help donors randomly buys required item for a home with a budget allocated.
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Category: Household, Laundry
They need : 1
RM95.70 Ex Tax:RM95.70
Category: Grocery, Rice
They need : 10
RM25.30 Ex Tax:RM25.30
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They need : 1
RM209.80 Ex Tax:RM209.80
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